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Enrollment Information

Introduction The method of instruction at this law school for the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree program is principally in physical classroom facilities.

Students enrolled in the J.D. degree program at this school who successfully complete the first year of law study must pass the First-Year Law Students’ Examination required by Business and Professions Code section 6060 (h) and Rule VIII of the Rules Regulating Admission to Practice Law in California as part of the requirements to qualify to take the California Bar Examination. A student who passes the First-Year Law Students’ Examination within three (3) administrations of the examination after first becoming eligible to take it will receive credit for all legal studies completed to the time the examination is passed. A student who does not pass the examination within three (3) administrations of the examination after first becoming eligible to take it must be promptly disqualified from the law school’s J.D. Program. If the dismissed student subsequently passes the examination, the student is eligible for re-enrollment in this law school’s J.D. degree program, but will receive credit for only one year of legal study.

Study at, or graduation from, this law school may not qualify a student to take the bar examination or to satisfy the requirements for admission to practice in jurisdictions other than California. A student intending to seek admission to practice law in a jurisdiction other than California should contact the admitting authority in that jurisdiction for information regarding the legal education requirements in that jurisdiction for admission to the practice of law.

There is one degree program available at the Larry H. Layton School of Law (LHLSOL).

The JD degree program offered at LHLSOL is a part time program. You must attend classes for four (4) calendar years, going at least thirty (30) weeks per year and going to classes nine (9) hours per week. The LHLSOL usually offers classes on Friday evenings, Saturday mornings and Saturday afternoons so that students can hold down full time jobs while going to law school. Weekday and evening classes during the week are sometimes available if so desired by students.

An AA degree, AS degree or a higher degree

You can have completed at least two years of college work, without receiving a degree, which college work shall be not less than one-half of the collegiate work acceptable for a bachelor's degree granted upon the basis of a four year period of study by a college or university approved by The Committee of Bar Examiners OR

You can have attained in apparent intellectual ability the equivalent of at least two years of the college work by successfully passing an equivalency type of examination (CLEP). Call the LHLSOL for more information on where to take the CLEP examination which permits you to enter law school without any college whatsoever! Transfer students are welcome and accepted at the LHLSOL.

Tuition, costs and financing

Tuition is $544.00 per quarter unit. An application fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) and a registration fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) is also charged each quarter. A typical quarter would include nine (9) units, application fee and registration fee for a total of $4,996.00).

You can finance the $4,996.00 without interest expense by paying 1/3 down, 1/3rd at the 3rd week and the balance at the 6th week or you can pay $1000 down with a payment of $1,000 per month with an interest rate of 1% per month on the unpaid balance. (No prepayment penalty)

About the dean and owner of the law school

While Larry H. Layton School of Law , is relatively new, commencing operations in 1994, the overwhelming desire of Dean and Owner Larry H. Layton is not. In 1972 Dean Layton began assisting and preparing law students with their law studies. He drafted and orally recorded numerous study aids, known as Larry H Layton Legal Aids, owned and operated Larry H. Layton Law Review Courses and tutored many students preparing to take bar examinations. In 1975 while Dean Layton was still a law student in his final year of law school, he was approached and hired to teach law as a law professor at another law school. After a hiatus from teaching for 19 years, and practicing law for those 19 years, in 1994 Dean Layton returned to the field of educating and preparing law students for the practice of law by organizing the Larry H. Layton School of Law.

The campus

The law school is located in air-conditioned suites on the second floor of Acton Plaza located in the beautiful mountain community of Acton, California. Acton is located approximately 30 miles north of the San Fernando Valley, 60 miles north of Down Town Los Angeles and about 20 miles south of Lancaster, California. The law school is about one block from The Antelope Valley Freeway (14) at the Crown Valley Road exit. Restaurants, service stations and other retail outlets are in the immediate vicinity.


Students must purchase a casebook and an encyclopedia type book, called a hornbook, for each subject they are enrolled in. A student should expect to spend about $300.00 per year for law books.

Catalogs, class schedules and additional information

If you would like a copy of the law school catalog, current class schedule or more information you can contact the law school in any of the following methods:

1. You Can Call The School At 661-269-LAW1 (5291)
2. You Can Fax The School At 661-269-LAW2 (5292)
3. You Can E-Mail The School At:
4. If You Are Out Of The 661 Calling Area You Can Call Us At: 1 800 805-5291

What will my first year in law school be like?

In your first year you will be studying contract law, torts (personal injury, fraud, defamation, battery, assault, false imprisonment type cases), criminal law and legal writing and analysis. You will learn to analyze problems in a lawyer-like manner.

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