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Surface Mine
School District
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Water Issues


6-30-09 Los Angeles County (and the so called Agua Dulce Town Council) again claims resident's protected speech sign illegal
3-28-09 Manny Fernandez and Careylee Moisan, were sentenced as convicted Felons
2-8-09 Another power transmission line threatens Acton and Agua Dulce!


9-11-08 Ex-water officials plead no contest


10-3-06 Antelope Pardee 500kV Transmission Project Proposed by Southern California
8-11-06 Safe Action for the Environment,
7-26-06 New federal arsenic standards for drinking water will be discussed at a community forum Wednesday, July 26, for Acton and Agua Dulce residents.


5-17-05 Court gives vintners grape expectations
7-11-05 A most unique benefit
5-4-05 Supervisor to state: Get out of group homes


12-2-04 Shuttle service for Acton, Agua Dulce seniors to continue
11-5-04 The School District allowed a package promoting three candidates for the Town Council election to be distributed to students during classes in direct violation state law.
8-15-04 Legendary stuntman Terry Leonard will be the first person honored when a Legends of Agua Dulce program is launched during the 34th annual Agua Dulce Fair
4-16-03 Winery Ordered to Cease Operations
2-1-03 New group Concerned Citizens of Agua Dulce. Not much data yet about them

Old Issues

11-25-99 Illegal signs
1-23-97 Protest against the Agua Dulce Market
1 2-23-96 Richards' Canyon Market Opens
7-14-97 A request to publish the minutes and agendas for the so called Agua Dulce Town Council. Of course they Ignored the request.
Agua Dulce Nitrate Problem Lots of information on the issues.
Agua Dulce Town Council (s)? Information and data.
Agua Dulce Woman's Club
Bee Canyon EIR Response
Calmat to close Strip mine at Lang Station.
Commercial zone change proposed for Agua Dulce
High speed rail proposal A new tax and a new urban cut through Acton and Agua Dulce.
Vasquez Rocks Park
1-23-97 Protest against the Agua Dulce Market

7-1-05 For the first time in years the fire threat and crush of out of town traffic will not happen in Agua Dulce this July fourth.

Fireworks: All private fireworks are banned in LA City, LA County and all cities north of LA except Palmdale.

The results Los Angeles County firefighters logged 2,086 calls for service from 8 a.m. Sunday to 8 a.m. Monday and crews were dispatched to 860 incidents. None was major, though, said county fire Capt. Joe Romero. "Most of them were related to fireworks into grass," he said.

Hacienda Vasquez trailer park to be closed.

This trailer park initially established as a "recreational park" and later converted to a "non-conforming use" trailer park has reached the end. It is unfortunate that the few owners of their mobile homes will be hurt because of the outrageous conduct of the "businessmen" which operated the park. The Country Journal and the Chamber of Commerce and their closely related phony Town council have supported the continuation of the park for the few local business owners. The use of a trailer park which does not conform to the rural community standards is not appropriate. It has pulled down property values in Agua Dulce and polluted the water supply. At the peak they were dumping sewage from 69 homes on 10 acres of land. They never received a permit from State Water Regional Quality and the state refused to act. This was at the same time Smith and her cronies were supporting a sewage treatment plant to be paid by the residents so they could have "growth" for the benefit of the business owners.

To see how the Signal reported the story click here. Than use "back" to return, or stay to enjoy the Signal.

See the 2 year old proposal that begins... "the 11 acre Hacienda Vasquez Trailer Park. It is probable that the the trailer park will be closed in the near future because of its well documented problems. Expansion of the park to include this property would be good use for Prop A funds to add more open space."

The Bee Canyon Trailer Park

This trailer park project, while not in an area that most people would consider to be in Agua Dulce, lies in the canyon east of the freeway as you go up the grade to Agua Dulce. The Hearing was Scheduled for 1-28-98. It has been continued to to an unknown date.

Half of the project is in the Acton Agua Dulce schools and will add at least 350 students to the schools while paying negligible fees.

It is an ultra dense urban project, which has no business being in this location. A public Hearing was to be held on January 9, 1996. The hearing was canceled without taking testimony. Linked to here my comments, which were once submitted to the Regional Planning Commission.

Both Regional Planning and developer has refused to provide the revised EIR to us to publish to the community. Apparently the school district meet in secret but for once did the right thing and is opposing the project.

Neither of the so-called Agua Dulce Town Council (Actually the Chamber of Commerce) or the Civic have any of published position. We have heard that the Civic has opposed the project

Commercial zone change proposed for Agua Dulce.

Plan Amendment, CUP, and zone change to Commercial/Recreation has been proposed by Ira and Joyce Feldman for their property (25 acres) known as Sweetwater Springs at 11727 Mint Canyon. See letter from a neighbor. And RPC orders the Feldman's to shut down their rental hall

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