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11-17-97 ATC Minutes added
redball.gif (861 bytes) 11-21 Acton Town Council Bylaws - 11-17-7 meeting 12-1-97 agenda

Note on 11-4-97 the Community throw out the gang that has run (ruined) the Town Council. Any negative remarks on this site refer to that old gang, not the new (11-97) Council. Lets give them a chance.

Reports, Agendas, actions and minutes The first agenda is published on the internet
redball.gif (861 bytes) Bylaws
redball.gif (861 bytes) Election Results for 11-97
1996 Acton Town Council elections
1996 Election Results
E-mail concerning old town council information from Chrys Hamper
Recall of Kathy Howald

Data about meetings and members of the Acton Town Council

Meets 1st & 3rd Mondays at the Acton Community Club, at 7:30 pm.
Mailing address PO Box 810, Acton CA, 93510

1997 Members
President George Miller - 269-1757
Kent Madsen - 269-2844 (Note, resigned on 11-17-97)
Dick Morris, - 947-9725, (Note, charges of misconduct made on 11-17-97)
Ray Billet
Jeff Stosic
L Monet Pierce269-5904
Calvin Andrew Oglesby
Douglas Barnett
Richard Wayne Billet

1996 Members
President - Dick Morris, - 947-9725,.
Bill Daniels - 269-1331
Chrys Hamper - 269-HAMP (4267) E-mail to Chrys Hamper
Ruthanne Hileman - 269- 2631
Kathy Howald - 269-0133
Kent Madsen - 269-2844
George Miller - 269-1757
John Spence - 269-1436
Monet Pierce 269-5904 as of 7-21-97

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