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Agua Dulce Airpark Issues
Acton Agua Dulce Schools issues
Agua Dulce Town Council issues

Current Stories
9-3-09 Station fire was set intentionally
7-17-09 Prior superintendent Wagner still lies about our schools
6-30-09 Los Angeles County (and the so called Agua Dulce Town Council) again claims resident's protected speech sign illegal
5-21-09 The 2008 API scores are out

5-16-09 The Corrupt and Dishonest Acton-Agua Dulce School
 5-6-09 The father of Jeremiah Lasater has filed a wrongful death claim against the District
5-6-09 The School Board in virtual secret has sold school bonds at an unprecedented high rate of 5.99% for double tax-free bonds.
3-28-09 Manny Fernandez and Careylee Moisan, were sentenced as convicted Felons
2-6-09 Another power transmission line threatens Acton and Agua Dulce

1-21-09  Freedom of Information
11-24-08  CF - School  Improvement Bonds Final
11-22-08 Larry Layton Christmas/New Year special
11-14-08 Larry Layton treatise about the First Amendment issues
 11-13-08 Ron Bird's response to Distaso's tirade
11-11-08 The biggest bully in Acton is Mark Distaso
11-10-08 Personal trumped up complaint against Ron Bird.

11-10-08 Poor school system in Acton substantially reduces your home value
11-08-08 Here is a story on the district Distaso wants us to merge with
11-4-08 CF - Scholl Improvement Bonds
10-31-08 Reading the full bond text confirms  interesting statements.
10-30-08 On the who knew about the bullying issue
10-28-08 the sports groupies screwed the educational program again.
10-26-08 In the 120 year history of the school district the first student is dead (Jeremiah Finton Lasater) at Vasquez and part of the cause is mismanagement by the school board and the administration

Lasater Here are the stories about the Jeremiah Lasater tragedy
10-22-08 A tragedy occurred at Vasquez High that never, never should have happened.
10-20-08 Boy shoots, kills himself at Vasquez High School
10-13-08 Another example of the sports mentality at Vasquez high school.
10-1-08 Another bait and switch Bond
9-18-08 Good news about Vasquez Students

9-11-08 Ex-water officials plead no contest
9-4-08 Vasquez fails again We don't need to write a headline. Here is what's on the state website.
8-24-08 Here is a success story about a class at Vasquez.
8-23-08 Help protect your kids and your rights as parents
8-15-08 State Star Exam shows the dismal failure of our school board in running our high school
8-14-08 Letter from a parent of an ex-student of Vasquez High School.
8-07-08 Larry H. Layton comments on the 7-31-08 bond story.
8-08-08 Antonovich responds to Mayor Villaraigosa's letter on MTA’S ½ cent sales tax
Bond CF full text
7-31-08 Distaso Brighter Group school board has voted for a fifth version of the Vasquez Sports Bond.
7-31-08 School Board Bond Meeting
7-30-08 A letter that was sent to the School Board members
7-17-08 What does it take to get the community to support our kids
7-10-08 The Distaso-Brighter group goes for a world record of failure after failing four bonds in a row
6-29-08 Here is another a failure of Vasquez High
5-21-08 No surprise that Vasquez just continues its established pattern of failure. Here is the 2007 API
3-15-08 Looking at the test scores for Vasquez will you as it shows it is an unmitigated failure of the school board
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Here is a new local Acton weather site and traffic.

Here is a link to the USGS Google earth overlay of the fires

Fire Link   Open link and zoom to the fires

here's a link to the geo-map system that provides more information about the fire

Graffiti call 800- 675-4357.

7-21-10 County supervisors voted $32,400 to remove graffiti in Acton, Agua Dulce, and Vasquez Rocks.

Superior Property Services Inc. will use pressured water hoses to remove graffiti off resident’s private property and public within 48 hours after a resident complains about graffiti,

The contract is for 1 year  with the option to renew the contract for the next four years. You can call to get graffiti removed, a 24-hour hotline, at (800) 675-4357.

Here is a new group we just found when doing a Google search .

4-11-10 MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) Club is a non-profit, international organization for stay-at-home MOMS, full or part-time. The Agua Dulce-Acton MOMS Club serves the communities of Agua Dulce and Acton. We strive to provide activities that will foster friendship, support and a sense of community to our members and their families. Our activities are primarily during the day, when at-home moms most need the support! Children are welcome to ALL of our activities. For more information, contact Janet Demeter (661)977-3125 (661)977-3125

See Their website

The total failure of Vasquez High

The 2009 API scores are out from the State of California. They show that between 2007 (the last year with API scores for Vasquez) that the API dropped from 695 to 682. The number of students taking the exam dropped from 421 to 398. In 2008 and 2006 the incompetent staff did not even test enough students to get a score . This is the same incompetent staff that allowed the bullying that caused the Jeremiah Lasater  tragedy.

Year Students Score
2009 398 682
2007 421 695
2005 426 641

 This year in the school board "contest" the board member that was most concerned about the quality of the school, Ron Bird, was bullied by Distaso and his group and refused to stand for re-election. One seat even went without a candidate and will be selected by the Distaso group, from their idiots. This lousy group sold the bonds that the well meaning people of Acton voted for and the money has sat for a year, with you the taxpayers paying nearly 7% interest, and the students got absolutely nothing. We believe the long-term goal is to use the bond money to build a gym and other athletic facilities, as the educational quality of the high school continues to plummet.

It is time to recognize that having a high school in Acton is a failure

A few kids might get a LAUSD quality education, if they are well motivated. But parents, to protect their children, must pull their kids out of Vasquez and place them in home-schooling, private schools, or as a prior board member did, in the Hart district.

LAUSD's average score on the API increased by 13 points to 694 in 2009. Statewide the average score was 755, up 14 points from last year.

To show you how corrupt the district is, they have refused to honor our public records request for documents to publish their internal communications that are public. They've taken a position that if we want to see anything at the school, we would have to sue them. Frankly it's not worth it, just let them die on the path they chose .

Station fire was set intentionally

9-3-09 LOS ANGELES (AP) - Investigators launched a homicide investigation Thursday into the wildfire north of Los Angeles after determining that the gigantic blaze - which has killed two firefighters, scorched 226 square miles and destroyed dozens of homes - was set intentionally.

"We believe that this was caused by someone intending to set a fire," sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said at an afternoon briefing.

Officials said forensic evidence at the fire's point of origin revealed that the wildfire - among the largest in Southern California's history - was an act of arson. Whitmore declined to elaborate on the evidence due to the ongoing investigation.

8-30-09 1:30 pm Here is the link to the Station fire incident

8-30-09 The jerks that run the  Acton-Agua Dulce School District have failed to allow our schools to be opened as shelters and our residents have to go to Highland High in Palmdale. What a bunch of low life jerks and they wonder why most of the community hates the school and its management.

Here is a Blog of an Acton resident

Wilbur C. Brink

Birth: 1919  Death: May 30, 1931

Full story Here is an unusual event and its e-mail.

We are a rock band based in Belgium and found out about the true but unusual story of your uncle, Wilbur Brink who passed away in 1931.

We were so moved and inspired by Wilbur Brink's story that we decided to make an album about him and to write a song about him.

The album is near finished now and we'd like to present you the first copy.

Many thanks. Kindest regards, Jorrit Hermans, Norma

Here is a mpg of "Bad Luck For Wilbur Brink" by Norma

Los Angeles County (and the so called Agua Dulce Town Council) again claims resident's protected speech sign illegal

6-30-09 See the original story from 5-18-06

Since the original complaint over three years ago,  the County and the Town Council are again violating the resident's right to free speech guaranteed in the Constitution and upheld unanimously by the Supreme Court.

The County has attempted to modify the published County code 22.52.940 (C) which specifies the sign set back from the road line to be the property line. The County to date has not provided their legal authority to change the publicly published code.

The County has claimed they have received "dozens" of letters from members of the community protesting the sign is illegal and unacceptable. It is reported one of the letters is from the Agua Dulce Town Council but they refused to provide a copy of the letter.

Mr. Wayne Crathorne asked me to assist him as I did the original work on finding the Supreme Court case in 2006. My letter to the county is here.

Here are the photos of the illegal pro-airport signs which the Town Council and County seems to be unconcerned about.

The Town Council members should be forced to stand in a corner and repeat that they will observe the Constitution of the United States and follow the Supreme Court's decision. They apparently think they are so important the laws do not apply to them.

Cell Phone Numbers are now Public

All cell phone numbers were released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS .

You can go to to block the calls or call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked. It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your time. It blocks your number for five (5) years.

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